Why and how I imported Korean Dailylike fabric

Why and how I imported Korean Dailylike fabric

I first noticed the Korean Dailylike brand fabric in year 2021.  I saw some pretty handmade bags in instagram, and found out that the outer fabrics they were made of were all from the same brand - Dailylike brand.

Some product made with Dailylike fabric are as below: 

I also went to their website to see more fabric photos: http://www.dailylike.co.kr/

The vivid fabric prints impressed me so much that I started to search this brand on Google immediately and wanted to buy the fabric from this brand.  But I found that there was no American dealer of this brand yet. 

After one year, in 2022, I got to know a new friend Stephanie who is a Chinese lady married to a Korean man and lives in Korea.  During our chat, I remembered this Korean fabric brand and asked her: Do you know brand Dailylike, and do you know how a foreigner could get in touch with this Korean brand and become a wholesaler of their brand? 

It's such a coincidence that Stephanie and her Korean husband operates an international trade company that helps foreigners initiate business with Korean companies.  I signed a contract with Stephanie's company so that they can start the business talk with Dailylike company on behalf of me.  Then everything goes very smoothly.  And I received my first shipment of Dailylike fabric from Korea in late 2022. 

This is how I became the first American dealer of Korean Dailylike fabric.  You can not only buy the Dailylike fabric on my website but you can also buy the products made with fabulous authentic Dailylike fabric made by me. 


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