About Lisa

Lisa is a sewist and pattern maker who stands behind Melbloom.  Lisa bought her first sewing machine (Brother CS-6000i) with her first paycheck of her first job and started her sewing journey in 2013.  She spent 10 years learning sewing and pattern making and she came up with unique product designs and started her own brand Melbloom in late 2022.  

 As a book lover, Lisa finds the big demand in the bookish accessories and she crafted the unique book covers, book sleeves, Kindle sleeves, pencil pouches and more to satisfy the need.  Lisa chooses the premium Japanese fabric and Korean Dailylike brand fabric for her products. 

 Lisa finds great beauty and fun in sewing and designing.  Besides crafting products in her studio in Chapel Hill, NC, she also uploads sewing tutorial videos in Youtube and Ticktock.  Lisa inspires people to start their own sewing journey as it could fulfill them and enjoy the creativity.

About Studio

Lisa started her sewing brand Melbloom in late 2022 with nothing but a dream and a JUKI sewing machine from the corner of her big basement room.   She remodeled this room into the beloved studio where she did the sewing work and photographed the products.

Studio Tour

Lisa's values

  • Creativity

    The creativity is at the core of Melbloom.  It includes the product design, the selection of premium materials, the stitching method, and packaging.

    Every product of Melbloom is uniquely designed and handmade by Lisa.  Every product is the one and only in the world.  They have undergone tens of trials to get the best design and material selection. Lisa prefers a minimalist style.  Her mission is to create product that is high-quality, practical, and beautiful. They will create lasting memories for you and your loved ones. 

  • Love

    Love is at the heart of everything Lisa does at Melbloom. She started her sewing journey in 2013 out of the love of her family, she made kid clothes and bags for her family members.  And then after 10 years of sewing for family, she wanted to share that love of sewing to more people and started Melbloom.

    Lisa pours her love into every creation.  When she is sewing, she imagines a lovely picture of her customers using the products she is crafting.  

  • Quality

    When you choose a product from Melbloom, you can trust that it has undergone a thoughtful process to ensure its excellence.  Lisa chooses the best material for the products as she could.  She imports the Dailylike brand fabric from Korea directly, and the wood buttons are imported from Japan. Most zippers she uses are brand YKK. 

     Lisa believes that her customers can feel the love she pours into the products when they receive them.