My First Pop-Up Shop!

My First Pop-Up Shop!

I tried my first pop-up event in Chapel Hill Festifall Arts Market on October 21, and I will never forget this experience.

To prepare for the event, I bought a vendor tent from Amazon and 2 6-feet tables from Walmart.  The total cost is around $300, including the $50 vendor fee.

At noon on October 21, my husband drove me to the market place which is about 20 mins drive from our house. He also helped me set up the vendor tent. Before 1pm, the area is already filled with well-decorated vendor booths.  It's really exciting to join this market for the first time. 

I put my 8 fabric planners on the front table and put the price tag to every category of products. Then more and more people come to the market and my booth starts to get popular. 

People were very interested in my products, especially the handmade planners, because they never saw this product before.  They asked me questions such as 'Did you make this?' 'Where you get these pretty fabric?' 'Do you have a website so I can buy more online later?' 

I'm so happy with the warmness from the community.  The popularity of my handmade planners really encouraged me a lot.

Near the end of the pop-up market,  I sold more than 20 planners and made nearly $500 revenue.  I'm so happy with my first pop-up market.  I will join more pop-up markets to meet more potential customers in person and show my products. 



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