About studio

Hi, Welcome to my studio! I'd like to share some experience as how I remodeled my big basement room into my studio.  I've made it a point to have this studio be a happy space where I can let my creativity flow. 

I painted the wall by myself.  The paint color is 'spring mint' from Benjamin Moore paint. 

Here's the sewing area where I set up my JUKI industrial sewing machine and tens of sewing threads. 

I bought six wood decks and painted them white and set them up as wall shelves.  Do you like the cute painting on the wall? 

The shelves on the other wall show the products I've crafted, such as the fabric planners.  The wood Melbloom logo is also very cute. 

The cream color curtain is such a great match to my studio.  

This is a short picture studio tour, and there is also a video studio tour on my Youtube channel.  This is the place that I spent hours every day crafting the products for you.  Thanks for your endless support and encouragement through this process. 


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