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Giverny Book Cover, Fabric Dust Jacket

Giverny Book Cover, Fabric Dust Jacket

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Add protection and style to your favorite books with a unique Melbloom fabric book cover.  Each book cover is handmade to accommodate for most book widths and comes with a penholder and inside pocket for your convenience.  The two built-in ribbon bookmarks are decorated with two high quality bronze pendants.  These book covers are an ideal bookish reading companion and great gifts for any book lover you may know.


  • Crafted with a firm interfacing to provide support and structure.
  • High quality Korean Dailylike brand 100% cotton exterior fabric.
  • Color co-ordinated internal fabric (100% cotton) and two built-in ribbon bookmarks.
  • Four options of a set of two bronze pendants for you to choose.
  • Unique style with a pen holder and an inside pocket.
  • A line of zigzag stitches to give it extra durability and beauty.


I recommend measuring the height(spine) of your books before choosing your size to ensure you have the best one for your book collection.

Small: fits books up to 8 inches tall (typical small paperbacks).

            Also suits the A5 notebook. 

Medium: fits books up to 8.5 inches tall (typical shorter hardcovers and regular paperbacks).

Large: fits books up to 9 inches tall (typical tall paperbacks).

Extra large: fits books up to 9.5 inches tall (typical tall hardcovers). 

Care Instructions:

Take off the pendants before washing your book cover.  Gentle hand wash or cold gentle machine wash, and warm iron if needed.


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